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Mike Vernon Didn't Want To Fight During 'The Brawl In Hockeytown' But Still Beat Up Patrick Roy

Two-time Stanley Cup winner Mike Vernon joined us on this week's surprise Spittin' Chiclets episode to discuss his stellar goaltending career in which he also won a Conn Smythe Trophy. Naturally, we had to ask him about being an integral part of one of the most significant brawls in NHL history. On March 26, 1997 Vernon's Red Wings and Patrick Roy's Avalanche were involved in a blood feud that saw the two star goalies square off at center ice.

The boys also discussed everything else going on in the league, like Kadri to Calgary.

And Carey Price possibly not playing again.

Biz also talked about joining Only Fans.

And if he does, he'll make some OF content if Lucic ends up back in Boston.

Our pal Pasha and Whitney made a little friendly wager.

All that plus a whole bunch more. Enjoy.