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Faking An Injury And Collecting Workers Comp Is The New American Dream, No Matter What It Takes

Boss Tweed and The Fat Cats of the Tammany Hall political machine are the first things you think of when you think historical corruption from your high school text books, but believe it or not there are a billion more corrupt characters in history. Large and I dive into the lesser known, but even more interesting and corrupt people on Twisted History ... 

The best corrupt character from the episode is Bruce Gilbert, a Florida bus driver, who "slipped" on the job, and in order to collect a workers comp check after the accident, pretended to have the brain function of a 5 year old child and began to only talk like a baby.  

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I want to hate this mother fucker for being a lying scumbag and stealing our tax dollars, but he kept up this act up for 10 YEARS and netting $1.4 million before he got caught. This man had to be the most annoying human being imaginable while fake talking like a baby for a decade, but god damn I have to respect that dedication. 

In high school I tried to fake an ankle injury to sit out of a track practice, by the end of practice forgot which leg it was. This man (with his wife in on the bit) was tricking everyone to get paid while still to going on hunting trips and golf outings - LIVING the life while us rubes keep going to work and talking like adults. 

BUT, nothing good lasts forever … after months of surveillance the cops confronted Gilbert while he was playing golf …

"You're under arrest for workers' compensation fraud and grand theft," the arresting officer said. "Get out of the golf cart, please."

Gilbert kept up his ridiculous baby talk even after being cuffed… 

“They hurt me," he said. "Mommy. My mommy."

Bruce Gilbert was arrested and so was his wife, Alice. I want to hate on Bruce, but some might say he and his wife were truly living the new American Dream.

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