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2001 Stanley Cup Winner Scott Parker Used To Wrap His Hands In Chains And Take Down Trees To Train

Scott Parker was one of the baddest mofos in the early 2000s NHL when he was protecting his teammates in Denver and San Jose. He was one of the last true heavyweights and was featured prominently in ICE GUARDIANS, the excellent and reverential documentary that honors the men who had the hardest job in the world's best league (it's currently on Prime). So when the Chiclets boys were in Denver for the Western Conference Finals, we were psyched that the big man made the trip to the city from his place in the mountains. And he regaled with stories that had our jaws dropping over and over. Like how he used to train for the upcoming season...

He also gave let us know what "Hell in Hershey" was all about.

And growing up in Alaska, near-death experiences with bears are merely character-builders and reasons to get a tattoo. 

There's a whole lot more where this came from but we can't put 'em all here (you don't want to miss the Nashville story).

I've met my share of big hockey dudes (though most NHLers aren't nearly as big as you'd expect). But I never shook a hand as big as Parker's. And my mitt was a bit sore after. He's also a great guy who also helps out veterans.

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And of course we got you, Canada.


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And if you're in Sasky, Alberta, or B.C., keep an eye out for this savage.