FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Aaron Rodgers, Grit Week 2022 + Mt Rushmore Of NFL Coaches You Want On Your Side In A Fight

We got him. Aaron Rodgers on the pod. Welcome to Grit Week 2022. The boys are in Colorado dealing with oxygen deprivation and catch up on travels and Pete Rose having himself a day (00;03;33-00;17;29). Who’s back of the week (00;17;29-00;34;15). 4X MVP and possibly one time felon Aaron Rodgers joins the show live from Green Bay, we talk about how he should be in prison, the time he almost quit football before college, his tormenting of Big Cat, the “I fucking own you” moment, playoff failures and smashing the Bears every year and tons more (00;34;15-01;26;03). We finish with Mt Rushmore of NFL Coaches you’d want on your team if you were in a fight (01;26;03-01;49;58).