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Kyle Okposo's Comeback From A Medical Nightmare Is An Incredible Story

Today's Spittin' Chiclets is our final one of the '21-'22 season but Episdoe 399 doesn't leave you hanging. While in Buffalo last week for the Chiclets Cup, the boys were able to sit down with current Sabre Kyle Okposo for an awesome interview. Kyle is legit one of the best people we've encountered in 6+ years of doing the show and he's an easy guy to root for. And you'll certainly be rooting for him after hearing about the medical nightmare that he endured before returning to the game.

Be sure to check out the entire interview because it's excellent. It'll be a shock if he's not the Sabres captain next season. 

Meanwhile on Kelly's Island by the Buffalo River, my "Shoresy" co-star Terry Ryan brought his fire and passion to the third Chiclets Cup in order to face the Nose Face Killah.

All in good fun (as long as they're not my shins).

Oh and the boys also dipped their toes into another adult beverage pool.

This isn't something we just rubber-stamped or put our name on. We did taste tests and gave feedback on what kind of beer we wanted to debut for Big Deal Brewing (as well as a bunch of other shit). It's delicious and it's just the first of many.

Enjoy the episode and the rest of your summer,

The gang at Spittin' Chiclets