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Old Pal Kevin Weekes Joins Spittin' Chiclets To Talk NHL Free Agency

It's always a fun show when Weekesy joins Spittin' Chiclets, especially on the eve of Free Agency opening up. He's become one of the most looped-in NHL news-breakers over the last few seasons and he has a blast doing it. 

Perhaps the biggest name available this year is Johnny Gaudreau and he's already informed Calgary that he won't be re-signing there. So we speculated about where he'll end up.


The boys were curious about why Toronto opted for Matt Murray in their crease.

Nazem Kadri is the other huge name that people are waiting on with bated breath.

And now that Chicago is having a Mrs. O'Leary's cow-level fire sale, speculation around Pat Kane will not cease anytime soon.

We also break down all of the draft night shenanigans, trades, signings, and everything else that happened since the last ep.

Give it a whirl.

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