We're Onto Day 3 Of The WSOP Main Event

ALL HAIL GENERAL SPANK! We not only survived but prospered on the way to Day 3 of the WSOP Main Event. We started Day 2 at 184K in a good spot ready to roll: 

And we landed a solid 118K extra chips in the 10 hours worth of play. Yes, I was up close to 400K at one point and Top 10 in chips overall, but I didn't throw a pity party for myself when I lost trip 10's to a higher kicker to knock me down to 250K. That's poker baby. I could've easily went on tilt but instead I fought back like a goddamn warrior poet to about 330K before ending the night with 302K. It's a mega stack as we are coming back on Day 3 to 1K-2.5K (120 big blinds). Hey, we're playing well. How well? Well...

Sure, I'd rather be known for the ultimate call than a let down, but when Nick Schulman (google his greatness) says on TV - "That was one of the best folds I've ever seen", that's the definition of poker respect. I broke down my thinking on the hand in detail on Cracking Aces last night, but I honestly didn't see it as a huge fold because of where we were at in the tournament, the players involved, and how the hand developed. 

As for the rest of the day, obviously not every hand was televised. There were ups and about 2 spots which I really regret how I played, but overall I'm pretty happy with the results. Here are some other TV clips of spankness and one of Nate before his untimely demise: 


And that's all she wrote for Day 2. Long, LONG way to go. Day 3 shuffles up and deals 11am local time tomorrow. Until then, go Mintzy and Jake Toole as they ride today, and...#AllHailGeneralSpank!