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Gabriel Landeskog Woke Up Erik Johnson With The Stanley Cup While In The Buff

After the best Stanley Cup Final in recent memory, newly-crowned champion Erik Johnson was nice enough to spend some time with Spittin' Chiclets and he led off with an absolute doozy.

Just a little wake-up call from the captain 'clothed' only in the Stanley Cup. Guys being dudes never gets old.

He also spoke about Nazem Kadri's toughness and what he did just to get into a Cup game. 

We say it every year but these guys are absolute warriors and go well beyond normal thresholds of human pain tolerance. And Naz is gonna get paid somewhere. Good for him after the garbage he and his family had to put up with earlier in the playoffs.

And the stories about longtime vets winning their first Cup never get old.

We can't thank EJ enough for making time for us in the midst of what should be the wildest week of his life. Don't miss the full interview.

Plus, the boys go over Game 6, the Game 4 'controversy', guys you're extra happy for like Jack Johnson, the heart and grit that Tampa continued to show until the Avs were just too much for them, the latest coaching news, Bergeron re-upping, and a shitload more. It's good shit. Give it a whirl.

Avs fans, get your title merch right here. The appreciative skeleton tour tee is my favorite.

Not long after ripping out my heart on the parquet, Steph entered the Spittin' Chiclets orbit when he tried out Pink Whitney for the first time. And like his bombs from the logo, his assessment was spot on. 

Welcome to the club, Steph.