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Twisted History Ranks The Greatest Military Generals

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A 9 foot tall Vietnamese military general with 3 foot long titties, Gerard Butler is definitely more fuckable than the real King Leonidas, and there may be such a thing as a good Nazi? puke  The Twisted History of the world's greatest generals is available for download, and this episode is a must listen. Ranking the top generals is tough because it's like comparing MLB pitchers on wins and losses, BUT Large and I get the debate started for who are the best military commanders this planet has seen. Here is a sneak peak at my personal rankings … 

5. Boob Honkin' General Smitty 

4. The General Insurance

3. Zombie Wrangler General Smitty 

2. Severe P.T.S.D. General Smitty

1. THE General

Listen to the podcast for the real debate. Next week Large and I will be recording Part 2 of the podcast where discuss THE WORST Generals of all time, any suggestions are welcome.