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Smoking Meats From The Ranch & Slapping Cheeks Like Tommy Pham: Starting 9 Ep 007 Is Now Live

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We’re back after a long Memorial Day Weekend that saw the boys out doing some recreational activities. Jake’s on the ranch with Lackey and the families. I get a new meat smoker that’s small in size but big in value. And Colin slaps some cheeks as we spend a minute talking a little sex with the boys. Nothing wrong with that as we dial up the romance heading into Summer 2022 as it's a big season for everyone. 

That includes Tommy Pham’s PR team. I imagine they’re hard at work right now. We get into the clubhouse dynamic of big money side action and player relationships.

We also get into some of the bigger stories from the weekend including a new HR of the year candidate, the Cardinals young & old lineup, Castellanos’s knack for the serious moment and the Astros emerging ace and what makes him so different. 

Afterwards we’re back with some weekly awards including the first ever TEAM OF THE WEEK. Funny because we immediately follow with top-5 power rankings and our T.O.W. is absolutely nowhere to be found in the top 20. But they impressed this week along with a rookie you probably are just learning about. 

There’s some division round ups. A brief standings check in the AL Central. A new segment about Bad Swings and another to track 2022 season milestones. Is it more likely Aaron Judge gets to 60 homers or Josh Hader smashes 50 saves? While you chew on that, also think about the ideal 1-9 lineup card of Players you want to start a fantasy football league with. Personally I think my card is better than Jake's but that’s coming from a Snake Draft veteran. I can’t shake the competitive juice that flows when compiling obscure lists for purposes of broadcasting a debate. 

It’s a big show this week but not for traditional reasons. This is our first show coming off a long weekend with moving parts galore. We’re back on Thursday with one of my all time favorites in Ryan Dempster and a look ahead to the weekend’s action. Thanks for following the Starting 9 reboot and be sure to follow our pages so we can keep this party moving. 

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