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The Podfathers Are Back!

To be fair, I'm not sure we ever truly left or just lost the one person who knew what the fuck he was doing technologically. However despite the suits at Barstool's best efforts, The Podfathers are not only back but we recorded a podcast together LIVE since Chaps happened to be in New York for the week. I want to sincerely thank all the listeners that reached out with kind words when it looked like the show was done and offered to help out in any way possible, whether it was offering to edit, produce, or simply subscribe/rate 5 stars on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.

On this week's show, we talked about the baby formula shortage the swept the nation, made a visit to Content Corner, and gave some heartwarming updates from home.

However before all that, we discussed the tragedy in Uvalde, TX where 19 children and two adults senselessly lost their lives in another mass shooting at an elementary school. I've long said The Podfathers is the grown up show at Barstool and unfortunately this is a topic that hits home harder than anything else we have talked about in the history of the show. I know that we live in a time where everyone is arguing online and sometimes humanity gets lost in the process. But I think/hope we bring a little bit of sensability to an issue that simply has to be fixed sooner rather than later.