FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Greg Olsen & George Kittle, Hot Seat Cool Throne & Bo Pelini In Studio For A Special Bo Knows Ball Segment

We had another NBA Blowout until the Warriors flirted with making it real. (00:02:42-00:09:04) Memes is down bad about the Rangers. (00:09:10-00:12:57) Celtics blow out the Heat and cocky Hank is back. Is it ok to go to a strip club before your team gets swept? (00:14:17-00:31:43) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Mac Jones being in the best shape of his life. (00:32:44-00:47:28:) Greg Olsen and George Kittle join the show to talk TE University, Greg getting cucked by Tom Brady, asking George about Trey Lance, and our new Billy sticker system to see if he can go to TE University. (00:48:57-01:24:21) We finish with Bo Pelini in studio for a special edition of Bo Knows Ball where we answer Football questions from AWL's. (01:25:57-02:03:27)