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Strikeouts Are Fascist, The Red Sox Are Red Hot And Josh Donaldson Is Your Textbook Jackhammer: Starting 9 Ep 005

Episode 005: NL Legends Take The Mound + Weekly Awards

On Episode 005, we dive into the weekend action around the league, including two National League legends take the mound.

Meanwhile Adley makes his debut, the Red Sox are heating up and my goodness is the NL West competitive. 

It's also a good day because I know for a fact 100% that we're going to publish on Thursday the best sports interview I've witnessed. Or maybe it was just a conversation? It didn't feel like an interview at all. It was just Jake and Kevin Gausman chopping up their life lessons learned as a couple of heavily manipulated and abused Orioles minor leaguers. Kinda sad at some points but then you remember these are literally two of the filthiest guys in our generation to ever walk this planet. Plus plus split. Plus heater. Big game demeanor and everything you want in between. What a great fuckin day and an even better interview that will definitely deliver. Subscribe to our page so you don't miss that shit like a bunch of other jabronis. 

This week segments include: 

- Front Page News: Adley, Red Sox, Yadi & Albert's dead arms, Josh Donaldson can pound sand/

- Weekly Awards (dude, bag, bald): no spoilers

- Jake Explains: golfing on the road as an established big league starting pitcher 

- Colin's Corner: are the Mets still in first place? 

- Saber Fuckin' Metrics: Let's talk ISO

- Division Standings

Table of Contents:

 00:00:00-00:12:20 - Weekend Recap/Little League 

00:12:25-00:16:24 - Adley Rutschman Called Up 

00:16:24-00:19:54 - Red Sox Red Hot 

00:19:54-00:23:22 - Yadi/Pujols 

00:23:22-00:29:52 - Donaldson Anderson 

00:29:52-00:36:11 - Weekly Awards 

00:36:11-00:47:55 - Jake Explains 

00:47:55-00:52:51 - Saber Fuckin’ Metrics 

00:52:51-01:07:44 - Division Standings 

01:07:44-01:11:15 - Housekeeping

We'll be back throughout the day with more stuff. Have a safe week guys and go download/subscribe to the new Starting9