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It’s Absolutely Insane That There’s A Near Perfect Relationship Between The Cycle & The No Hitter

Hell of a fuckin show to kick off Tuesday from the Starting 9 boys. In just his 3rd podcast you can already see Jake’s game come together. The notes. The stats. The insight and insatiable thirst to get better. You can’t make that up and it’s all over the show out of the gate. Bright future indeed for the prospect.

Substantively, we get into some big time meat & potatoes around the league including something that has me scratching my head. There’s like a 5% difference ALL TIME in cycles and no hitters across MLB history. One of the most decorated accomplishments you can have as a hitter vs. the exact same as a pitcher. I don’t know how the data is this close after all this time but it’s true guys. The numbers are solid. I double checked them.

Speaking of numbers, how about Jake dropping weighted runs created and weighted on base? I had an idea we would talk some numbers but my guy is literally firing on all cylinders right now. I highly recommend you guys go check out the show. Obviously subscribe to our shit.

As we get going, this will be a standard format for Tuesday. No guest. Just a ton of around the league coverage with less focus on standings and more focus on the stories. That’s Tuesday. A catch up of sorts for the guys that have a busy weekend and can’t keep up with the day to day.

It’s a good show.

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