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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Ryan Whitney In Studio, Hank Gets Public Support From Tom Brady & FAQ's

We start on zoom with some unexciting NBA games from Tuesday night plus the best part of the night Kenny vs Chuck to the video board. (00:02:23-00:16:38) Back in studio we talk Bucks/Celtics and Warriors/Griz as well as hockey talk and Hank gets a public show of support from Tom Brady. (00:17:58-00:38:35) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Swag Kelly being back with the crew. (00:39:50-00:57:13) Ryan Whitney joins us in studio to talk NHL Playoffs, his golf game, Billy's terrible question and tons more. (00:58:51-01:48:29) We finish with some listener FAQ's. (01:49:49-02:02:26)