Bri's Secret Co-Worker Fling

Disclaimer: Brianna’s outfit is NSFW. Since we were barred from the MET, Brianna decided to wear what would have been her red carpet debut gala fit. Classy, yet still sexy. Baby girl never fails to amaze me.

The whole episode is a cluster fuck of nonsense, just the way we like it. With a special guest appearance from my shitty kicks.  

Lots of breaking news was shared, from our first live show in Boston to Brianna and Sas’s secret love affair. 

If you loved 50 Shades, you’ll cream your jeans for this steamy story of two young co-workers sharing a three quarter belly button kiss in a steamy handicap bathroom.

Critics say that “These two are doing it right. Straight shooters holding nothing back.” So go give it a listen. Even if you hate us, your efforts to comment evil shit on the Youtube give us views, so thank you.