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WATCH: Arian Foster Breaks Down Billy Football's High School Highlight Tape

Macrodosing listeners know this show can go anywhere. We'll transition from Covid to fast food french fry rankings so fast your head will spin. On this week's show, we ended up having our resident four-time Pro Bowler break down Billy Football's high school film. Find me another podcast with our kind of range.

Here are some of Arian's takeaways from the highlight tape of one William Football:

- Played against third graders

- Good movement in the pocket

- Needs to set his feet

- A little stiff

- Could step into his throws more

I must say I came away from my viewing of Billy's Hudl pretty impressed. He had a good arm and some runs that made him look like an upstate New York version of Tim Tebow. If a defender got in his way, he'd simply run right over them into the end zone.

Billy could play some ball. Some are even saying he's the best former football player on the show.

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