Biz Thinks The Rangers Are "A Bunch Of Fugazis" And Jon Hamm Makes His Return To Spittin' Chiclets

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are finally here and the Spittin' Chiclets crew gave their previews and predictions. That also means it's time for some hot Biz takes. Like this one on the New York Rangers.

We were joined by our old pal Jon Hamm this week and, in addition to some TOP GUN: MAVERICK talk, we made sure to get his Blues takes.


Apparently the Leafs coach nearly blinded Murls way back in the day.

And Whit has a strong opinion on the Bruins (lack of) power play.

We also dropped a video from our trip to Toronto to launch the Score Bet app.

Enjoy another fun ep with our playoff picks and some great movie talk with Jon Hamm.