Jon Taffer Explains How He Instantly Knows a Bar Will Fail

In what I think was the best interview we've done on Macrodosing, we had Jon Taffer in studio this week to talk about his new book, Bar Rescue and ended up in a lengthy discussion about the labor market in America.  It was an awesome interview and I definitely encourage everyone to check it out.

For someone who has gone into so many struggling bars and restaurants, I wanted to know what small detail Taffer might look for that would go unnoticed by most people but shows him a business is failing. Turns out it's all in the saltshakers.

It makes sense. If nobody is paying enough attention to detail to notice that the saltshakers are unkept, there's no telling how many other details are going unattended to as well. The small stuff matters.

We had a great time talking about Bar Rescue and Taffer's new book The Power of Conflict, but the discussion about labor in America was one of my favorites we've had on the show. Having Arian in-studio as well was great. This episode rocks.


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