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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Cowboy Joe West, NBA Playoffs & NFL Draft Recap/Grades

The Bucks win Game 1 and Hank isn’t putting his mini whomp button away.(00:02:34-00:15:17) We talk Grizzlies/Warriors and some hockey (Biz coming Wednesday). (00:15:18-00:24:38) Who’s back of the week including recap from Saturday Night at MSG Taylor vs Serrano. (00:25:41-00:39:06) MLB Ump Cowboy Joe West joins the show to talk about his career, his music albums, stories from the road, and how he never made a bad call. (00:40:01-01:29:53) We finish the show recapping the NFL Draft and give out grades for a bunch of teams from the weekend.(01:30:42-01:57:34)