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Should We Go To Rehab?



Let me just preface this by saying it’s an honor to even be writing this. This will be my first ever blog I write as a full time employee at Barstool and I’m just all around stoked to have the opportunity. (Shut the fuck up you kiss ass cheese ball, and get to the good stuff.)


The past few weeks, Brianna (ChickenFry, as her closest friends call her) and I have been manic feral animals both on the pod and in real life, and this episode is no exception. This week, we were in Arizona for the Barstool Sleep When You're Dead Tour so naturally we filmed PlanBri from Brianna’s trashed hotel room in Arizona. ~Rockstar lifestyle might not make it~ But, instead of the two of us riffing and raffing off of each other like we just did 12 key bumps in a handicap stall…we were joined by TikTok’s very own, Christian Vierling

Now might I say, Christian was a breath of fresh air to this chaotic production because he practices a lifestyle we may soon take part in…SOBRIETY. 

Not to be sappy, but even though I had just met the boy I’m really proud of him for getting help and sticking to it. Even if he won’t follow me back on Instagram…

For around 20 minutes or so we heckled poor Christian about his time in rehab and his sober journey. I think subliminally we were picking his brain for our own self gain, to the point where he asked to change the subject. Which was fair. 

The rest of the podcast is filled with hits on dinky influencers, child cage fighting, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s mission to make millions playing the same character in every movie…you know, the pressing topics we should all care about in today’s society. What can I say, we’re hard hitting journalists. 

All in all it was a phenomenal episode filled with serious and outlandish topics. Full discretion though, since we are on the road, we did run into audio issues. If you’re listening on Apple / Spotify…Brianna sounds like an angel, I sound like a monster, and poor Christian sounds like a baby mouse boy. As for Youtube, we used our backup audio which is decent enough, but it makes us look like a couple of frauds using the microphones as props. But hey, THAT’S SHOW BIZ BABY!