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I Learned A Devastating Life Lesson Working With Large

I should have been a banker, or anything other than "funny guy." Normally I'll blog to promote whatever we talked about on Twisted History, but I'll save the talk about historic horny perverts for the podcast, and make this blog more of a life lesson. Out of college I pursued comedy and after I graduated from a glorified community college in Indiana (IUPUI).  Large attended a prestigious private school in Indiana (Notre Dame) and aspired for investment banking on Wall St. Both admirable. There is nothing wrong with following your dreams, but know this is where a communication degree will get you. Staring at a suicide gray brick wall you pay $2,500 a month to enjoy. Not complaining. Some aren't lucky enough to even do that. BUT after this podcast Large went down a water slide, while I took the bus to work. 

Who the fuck has money to throw away on a solid gold monkey? Unbelievable. 

Almost as unbelievable as Large and I doing a podcast on famous perverts and not mentioning Chris Cuomo. I don't respect former NYC Gov. Chris Cuomo for being a scumbag on a multitude of levels, but Chris Cuomo thinking the people would hear this line and have a come to Jesus moment where everything is suddenly justified is almost respectable. Find out what figures in history were huge disgusting perverts hiding in plane sight, and how perverts impacted history on the new episode of Twisted History.