Vladdy Jr. Strolled Into The Bronx Last Night And Blasted Not One, Not Two, But Three Homers

Jim McIsaac. Getty Images.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is an otherworldly hitter who needs to find another league to do his business in. He's as terrifying as we all imagined he'd be when his name was being talked about before his call-up. I mean what the hell man? Tonight he completely dismantled the New York Yankees and there really was nothing they could do about it. He started off the night with this blast to center in the 1st. 

I was at the game so didn't get the best look of what it hit in center, but I'm gonna take replay's word for it that it was a legitimate homer. He wasn't done though…

This is 98 mph in on the hands and he turned it on with no problem at all. I mean that is absurd hitting. Having those kind of hands with that power is flat-out unfair. Of course that was just the 3rd inning, there was more…

For good measure Vladdy got Cole one more time with this double to right. Thought Cole coulda made a better pitch here, especially ahead 0-2, but still just plain dumb what Guerrerro is capable of. You cannot make one mistake to him otherwise he kills you. He wasn't done though! How's another pitch on the inside black pulverized? 

Come the fuck on man, haven't you had enough? Keep in mind he did this was with a gashed finger that he got stepped on while playing defense. 


Nothing you can do, but tip your cap like Cole did after the double. The guy is going to be a perennial MVP candidate for as long as he's in the league. Easily in the top 5 of guys you never want up at the plate when you desperately need an out. What a horrifying man with a bat.

Maybe tonight we just walk the guy and live with whatever happens 

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