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Pentagon's Fake Broadcast Shows Indianapolis Getting Nuked

I'm shook. A secret Pentagon video has been leaked showing the heart of downtown Indianapolis going up in a mushroom cloud. This is a training film from 1986 on how different branches of the federal government would work together during a nuclear attack, but why the hell are we practicing on unassuming Indianapolis? Shouldn't we be training the worst possible scenario in a city like NYC, LA, or even Chicago? Or, make up a town like Westchestertonfieldville, Iowa? Would the East Coast even notice if Indianapolis got wiped off the map, or would they just go about their day? Seems like Indianapolis is a small potatoes for a training disaster. 

Low cost of living and saying "Well, if we ARE nuked at least we won't be in any blast radius" are two of Indianapolis' best selling points, but now according to the Pentagon no Hoosier is safe, and everyone should start digging a Doomsday bunker. 

P.S. 1986, simpler times. Back when you could trust a news reporter by the size of his mustache …