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I Am Getting Tired Of Meco Bosco's Recent Behavior

Rico Bosco brings a lot to the table. He has done a ton of good things for the Barstool Bench Mob brand. He knows how to network and create relationships in college basketball, which has resulted in our podcast securing some big time guests in the sport. He watches a ton of games (unlike Marty) and is really passionate about the sport. 

And then there is the other side of Rico Meco Bosco, which we have seen front and center these last few weeks. The one who doesn't take constructive criticism well. The one who threatens to not show up for a podcast recording or a BRAND NEW studio show because Billy Football is sitting in his seat. The one who puts himself in front of the team.

Unfortunately, that is the version of Rico Bosco that we have seen recently, and to be honest, the timing couldn't be worse. College basketball is a very niche sport. It's never going to have the audience size of the Big Four pro sports, and is certainly never going to come close to being as popular as college football. We recognize that.

But this is March. It is the *only* time of the year where our brand truly CAN be in the spotlight. And storming out of the office because a veteran is sitting where you like to sit simply causes unnecessary stress for me, Marty, Reags, our producer Jake, and many others. I've said all of these things to Rico. I'm in no position to tell Rico how to behave (I've only been here for two presidencies), but when Dave and Big Cat are throwing out ideas, at least hear them out.

On today's episode of the Barstool Bench Mob, I snapped on Rico. It was a lot of built up feelings that I decided to let out because of how Rico's vibes were affecting the podcast in that moment. I'm not saying I deserve a pat on the back. I recognize that some people have their opinions about our show, and while they are entitled to feeling how they feel, I'll take some responsibility for it, too. I think our show has great momentum right now, I really do. 

But if things continue to trend the way they are right now with Rico Bosco, that won't continue to be the case.

This is March.