Duncan Robinson Reveals What It Is Like To Be Stuck In A Shooting Slump

On Wednesday's Pardon My Take... DUNCAN ROBINSON! The Miami Heat guard joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on the show to discuss the NBA season, Heat Culture, his "Long Shot" podcast with Davis Reid, and much more. Earlier this season, the Michigan product was in a bit of a slump on the court. While this is a tough time to go through for athletes, it often shows that they are human, too. So, what is Duncan Robinson's way to get back on the right track on the court? He explained on this week's show:

Mr. Cat: I actually wanted to talk about your season this year. So, you went through a slump. You were really bad.

Duncan Robinson: Yeah, I was pretty bad.

Mr. Cat: Really bad. You were shooting 27 percent from three for like a stretch there. 

Duncan Robinson: Is that true?

Mr. Cat: Yeah, 18 for 66. 

Duncan Robinson: Wow, you got the numbers. You crunched them. 

Mr. Cat: And the thing is, you did it all. You did the like, "Alright, less is more. I'm going to shoot less, I'm going to go 1-for-5." And then you did the, like, "Alright, more is more," and you went 5-for-15 in one game.

Duncan Robinson: I think it was actually 5-for-17.

(Quick conversation carries on about the specifics of his stats)

Mr. Cat: Alright, then you had like 1-for-9 and 0-for-6, in a real, honest question. Like, what actually goes through your mins when you're not shooting well? Because that's got to drive you insane. You know how to shoot, you're a great shooter, it just doesn't happen.

Duncan Robinson: Yeah, i's a mix of emotions. You know, you go through like, it's almost like a pecking order, right? Like the first is frustration, and you're like, "What the fuck, like, what's going on?" Then it's just like confusion after it gets to a certain point, because you're like, exactly that. Like, I know how to shoot. And then the most frustrating thing is you'll have a workout, or a practice, where you just can't miss. And then, for whatever reason, it just like doesn't come together in the game. But at the same time, that is, I know it sounds like a cliche answer, but it's actually genuine. 

Duncan Robinson: That's kind of what ultimately keeps you coming back, too, is like, you know, if you have it figured out all the time, it's like you're living on Easy Street. Yeah, it's great, but you've got to have the perspective of those moments where you go, whatever it was, 18-for-66. But I will say, like because that was mixed in with the time where we had some injuries. We were losing games, because we had a great start, had some injuries, and then I had an opportunity to like of like, help keep us afloat. And I did not step into that moment, if you will. So like in that instance, it was like, there are some dark times mixed in there as well. 

The mental side of being in a shooting slump must be a lot. But that is what differentiates the good players from the great players. I will say, Duncan Robinson did have a tough night at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks the day after recording the podcast, but we won't spotlight that. Let's instead focus on the hot shooting he is certainly capable of showing off at any point during a game.