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The Dak Prescott Redemption Interview Could Be Coming Soon

On today's Pardon My Take... ERIN ANDREWS AND CHARISSA THOMPSON! The Big J duo joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss their careers, some of the details of their jobs, and much more. Erin and Charissa also host a podcast called "Calm Down," where they have had some big name guests on their show. But if you are familiar with PMT, you know that some interviews just happen to fall flat. Has the same thing happened to today's guests on their own show? The question was asked, and then, unsurprisingly, the conversation took a turn:

Mr. Cat: Who has been the worst guest? You can do the list I had.

Charissa Thompson: No, I mean worst guest, I think...

Mr. Cat: Dr. Oz? Kevin Hart? Matt Damon? Russillo? Cam Jordan?

Mr. Commenter: Dr. Oz, everybody would be like "Yeah, I get that."

Charissa Thompson: Well worst, in terms of, I don't really want to say...


Mr. Cat: We'll do ours, we'll do ours... Dak Prescott.

Mr. Commenter: Dan Marino.

Erin Andrews: Why?! Why was Dak?

Mr. Commenter: Do you know what color is his favorite color? 

Charissa Thompson: What color? 

Mr. Commenter: Grey. That's the biggest nugget that we got from that interview out of Dak, was that he likes the color grey. 

Erin Andrews: Dak is great.

Mr. Cat: He thought he hung up…

Charissa Thompson: Oh shit…

Erin Andrews: Oh no…

Mr. Cat: And he said to his publicist, "That interview sucked." (Laughing) We kept it in the show!

Mr. Commenter: Now, to be fair, the very first question that Big Cat asked him was, "So, you're name is Dakota Rayne Prescott… Do you know the porn star named Dakota Rain?"

Mr. Cat: Normal question…

Mr. Commenter: And that sent the interview down a certain path…

Charissa Thompson: All Dak had to say was, "No, I didn't know the rain man." And like, "Let's get back on track here." Alright, we'll work with Dak.

Mr. Cat: He should have just been like, "Yeah, I fucked her." And it would have been great.

Charissa Thompson: Yes, that is a great reputation for America's Quarterback, isn't it?

Erin Andrews: Sure, that would go over well.

Charissa Thompson: Jerry [Jones] would love that.

Mr. Cat: … Jimmy G went to a Super Bowl.

Is this a sign? Is the Dak Prescott redemption interview coming soon? Probably not, but never say never. This was an awesome interview with both Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson. Love hearing from a handful of Big J's on a Wednesday.

And, of course, here is the infamous Dak Prescott episode…