It May Be In Bad Form, But A Well Executed Slowroll Will Always Make Me Laugh


OOF. That's all you can say. OOF. To put it in layman's terms, Dylan had the best hand, made Garrett think he won the pot, and then 5 seconds later hit him with a Borat "NOT!!!!" and turned over the full house. That's what we in the biz call a "slow roll" and it's pretty poor poker etiquette if you care about that type of thing. Generally, you don't slow roll your opponents, especially those that you respect. Like, I'd slow roll some people because it's funny. Shaun Deeb slow rolled me a this last WSOP and I sucked out on him and it was awesome. Slow rolling, in my opinion, definitely has a place in the game. I like it when everyone is having fun and on the same page. If it's a live, social game and people are drinking Whistle Pig and having a good time, a well executed slow roll will have everyone going bananas. The above slow roll though? Lol. It was just so far out of left field, so unnecessary, that it made me laugh. Dylan had no reason to do that besides to be an ass, and that makes me laugh. Poker needs villains. Gman is one of the most respected guys in the game, and Dylan is a rich recreational player who always plays wild on streams. He's great for the game, no doubt, and him hitting Gman with a "just kidding" popped me. 


I will say though, Dylan could have strung the slow roll out a bit longer. Committed to it a little heavier. Maybe delivered a long speech before flipping over his cards? Maybe poked fun at Garrett's short lived stay on Survivor? Really poked the bear a bit more. And obviously instead of "just kidding" he should have gone full Borat. It's of my opinion if you're gonna slow roll, be fun about it, but the rules of slow rolling are there are no rules.

If you ever play poker with me, I encourage a slow roll. You'll probably have the winning hand against me 90% of the time, so it shouldn't be too hard to pull off. 


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PS: I love chip towers.