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We Don't Talk Enough About How Cool the FBI's Jackets Are

On this week's Macrodosing, we get into the nitty gritty of everyone's favorite organization, the FBI. We talked to former FBI agent Ben Hansen and Billy brought an outstanding fact sheet to the table to discuss The Bureau from soup to nuts.

And while the FBI may have done a questionable thing here or there throughout its history, there is one fact which is absolutely undeniable: the jackets are fire. It's a simple, clean look, but it conveys power. They're the Alabama or Notre Dame football uniforms of law enforcement. When you see a squad of dudes rolling up in the navy jackets with the bright yellow "FBI" on the back, you know somebody fucked up big-time and some shit is about to go down.

After that, though, we all struggled to come up with too many good things to say about the FBI. It hasn't necessarily been the most perfect organization over the course of its history. Listen to the full episode to hear all about the history of the FBI as well as some UFO discussion with Ben Hansen and much more.

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