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This Tom Dwan Hand Was Peak TV Poker



They say you always remember where you were when your life was changed. Losing your virginity. 9/11. Tom Dwan putting Peter Eastgate and Barry Greenstein in his back pocket. I remember seeing the above hand and having zero idea what I just saw (full hand below).

High Stakes Poker was the peak of poker on television. Bricks of cash on the table, the biggest names like Durrr, Ivey, Gus, Barry, Daniel, and all the others, and massive pots and huge bluffs. But the star of the show was always Dwan. Always. He either always had it, or pulled off the biggest bluffs at the right times and made his opponents cry. He jokes now about how great he ran in the old days of HSP, but he was also just miles better than some of the competition he was playing with. He was throwing the forward pass when all the other guys were still running it up the middle. For my money, Dwan is the best TV poker player we will ever see. If he's on, you're watching, and it's going to be explosive, electric, and every other adjective you can think of.

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PS: Because PokerGo owns every clip in poker and then refuses to make them easy to find on YouTube, this is the best video of the hand I could find. They are so infuriating, it'd be like going on YouTube and not being able to find a Michael Jordan dunk. 

Fast forward to 14:03 if it doesn't automatically:



Helluva fold by Eastgate there. I can't remember what interview it was, but Durrr more or less said he knew Eastgate was scared money and was positive he could get him to fold a deuce. Just a perfect hand.