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Friend of Jerry

After a few months working at Barstool I decided to start a podcast revolving around sobriety. It is something I take really serious and am passionate about. I was debating doing something with sports but at the end of the day I realized barstool pretty much has most of that covered. I did not want to be just another show at barstool, I wanted to do something that could really help people and make a difference. I'm not expecting to help thousands of people (even though that would be amazing) , If I could help just one person with this podcast I did my job. After 6 years of continuous Sobriety I will never forget all the people that helped me in the beginning of my journey. Just hearing someone else's story could make a large impact.

Episode 1 is out now. If you listened already thank you and even if you don't wish to listen , you might have a family member or a friend that is struggling with addiction send them this podcast it doesn't hurt.