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Jerry O'Connell Watches Just Two Quarters Of Football Each Week

On today's Pardon My Take... JERRY O'CONNELL! The longtime recurring guest and, as called by Mr. Cat, a person who is on the Mount Rushmore of guests, joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss fantasy football, being in Los Angeles, his poems for Hank and Billy, and much more. 

There is nobody who loves fantasy football more than JOC. I'm convinced he knows more about the game than Matthew Berry and Michael Fabiano combined. Jerry comes into every PMT interview with an updated list of players on teams he can and cannot draft, and it is very detailed. Take a look at what the most recent version looks like:


Jerry gave out some details on his couples therapy sessions, and it was revealed that he is now only allowed to watch TWO quarters of football each week. His obsession with the game is so unique, and the way he described it on today's show paints a good picture of how passionate he is about it:

So, how does Jerry O'Connell decide which two quarters of football to watch each week? He gave us an inside look to his thought process on today's show:

Mr. Cat: So, what two quarters?

Jerry O'Connell: It depends on what the game is. So, I was going to say, if it's a Chargers game, which sometimes is in the afternoon, I wait until the last two quarters of the Chargers. 

Mr. Cat: OK, you just hold up all that energy…

Jerry O'Connell: Right, but typically all those good games are those Sunday Night games. They're really good at scheduling those, so then I wait for those. 

Mr. Cat: Can you split up the quarters? Can you go half quarter, half quarter, half quarter?

Jerry O'Connell: Man, that's so confusing, I haven't thought of that. 

Mr. Cat: Like the last seven minutes of every Sunday Night Football game. 

Jerry O'Connell: That would be a really good idea. You know, the problem is my wife loves a show called '90 Day Fiance,' which I don't know if you know the premise of it, but someone from this country goes to another country, and they have 90 days to decide if they want to get married. And that's locked into our main television in our house.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, because you couldn't watch it at another time.

Jerry O'Connell: That's exactly what it is. It has to be watched live in our house, I don't know why.


There you have it, folks. That's the process of selecting which two quarters of football to watch each and every week. If this were me, I think I would have to pick the end of the witching hour for the early slate of games, and then the end of Sunday Night Football. What about you?