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Buzz Aldrin Will Smoke You Right in the Face If You Say the Moon Landing Was Fake

On this week's Macrodosing, we're talking all about the moon landing. Probably the No. 1 conspiracy theory of all-time, with only JFK rivaling it.

You can dissect all sorts of evidence all day long and determine what side you're on. But if you need any sort of convincing that the moon landing was real, Buzz Aldrin will not hesitate to put you on your ass if you so much as insinuate you think it may have been faked. No "hold me back" nonsense or anything like that, just him hitting you and you hitting the floor.

And honestly, that makes sense. He was the first man to set foot on the damn moon and there are still Lord knows how many people who think it was done in a studio with Stanley Kubrick. If that was me, I'd hand out the smoke to anyone who wanted to question it, too. Buzz is fully within his rights to give a right hook to anyone and everyone who still has little enough sense to question him.

On the rest of the show, we get into the backstory of NASA and all the happenings around the Space Race and the moon landing. Check out the show on Apple or Spotify as well as YouTube once the video goes up later tonight.