History Ain't Pretty

I purposely recorded the Twisted History of Disturbing Stories this week after receiving some feedback from a couple of mewling quims complaining that my podcast trivializes disturbing moments from the past that might be better left forgotten.

That's fucking horseshit.

Perhaps I throw a misplaced joke here and there, just to stay sane when I am reporting on the insane, but there is no part of history that should be forgotten.

I got on my high horse early in the episode, and read this (which I bastardized from other sources, of course)...

History is fucking ugly and twisted but it’s not there for us to like or dislike… It is there for us to learn from.  

And if what we learn from history offends us?  

Well, then that’s all the better because maybe we will be less likely to repeat it.

Twisted History is not mine or Vibbs’ to change or destroy… It’s for us to tell.

And we tell some disturbing shit this week.

So, if you think you have the stomach to learn how women were forced into prostitution while in concentration camps by the nazis in World War II along with a TON of other disturbing historical FACTS (I don't make this shit up), then give a listen to this week's episode.

If not, then there's gotta be another statue that needs to be torn down… Go get 'em, tiger. 

Take a report.