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A Very Brady Episode: ft. El Pres, Feitelberg and Hank Lockwood: Do Your Pod Episode 21

Nick and I weren't expecting to put together another Do Your Pod so soon, but once Tom Brady's retirement news took over the world, we had no choice. We're joined by three of the brave, intrepid souls who sacrificed their freedom for Brady during the Deflategate witch hunt. Programming note: We recorded this before Brady made the formal announcement he was, in fact, done. But to a man, we all knew the ESPN reports were accurate. 

First, Dave joins us to talk about the decision. I give him my theory on how Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington found out. We reminisce about how the rise of Barstool mirrored Brady and the Patriots rise to greatness, and how in those early days were were an alternative to the negativity in the old Boston media. We talk about when he first came to realize his fellow Michigan Man was special, Brady's finest hours and our favorite wins of his. Before he breaks my heart with his story of getting treated like royalty by Mr. Kraft. 

Next, John gives us the hilarious tale of how they got arrested, their adventures in a Manhattan holding cells, and meeting Diaper Boy, who may or may not have been infected with fleas. I honestly don't think I've ever laughed harder on the pod, ever. 

Finally Hank gives us his perspective on growing up in the Brady era. We exchange a few mind-blowing stats that illustrate how he has lapped the field when it comes to winning. And then we take a deeper dive into his best moments, in Super Bowls, playoff games and regular season. And is just so happens that Hank was there at my choice for best regular season game. 

Thanks to those guys for a perfect way to wrap up the GOAT's career. They are the GOATs of people to talk to at a time like this. Please rate the show wherever you listen to it. I guess that matters. Regardless, we'll be back in a few weeks. Or sooner, if something else monumental happens.