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The WOAT Fast Food Menu Items

On this week's Macrodosing, we talk everything fast food: the history, french fry rankings, Hank's connections to Taco Bell and much more. But most importantly, we introduce the first of many WOAT segments with fast food menu items.

There have been plenty of fast food flops over the years. Obviously none of them were at Chick-fil-A, but plenty of other establishments have had terrible items on the menu. Many still do.

Here are the five worst fast food items in recent history.

Mountain Dew A.M.

When Taco Bell first rolled out its breakfast menu, it introduced something called Mountain Dew A.M., which was just orange juice haphazardly thrown in a cup with some Dew. Taco Bell successfully found a way to blend tacos and Doritos, but this mixture did not produce the same level of harmony. These are two drinks best enjoyed separately.


The Shaq-a-roni from Papa John's was billed as an extra-large pizza with more cheese and pepperoni than you could imagine. That's it. Just a good, old-fashioned pepperoni pizza.

What I received instead was some sort of abomination featuring a layer of uncooked ham between the sauce and cheese as if the Papa himself was telling me to go fuck myself. Maybe this was just a one-off incident with a New York City Papa John's — because I saw plenty of Shaq-a-ronis on Twitter which looked fantastic — but I can only speak on my experience.

KFC Cheetos Sandwich

I mean, y'all can look at that. I got this one time just to be able to say I did it. Even as a bit, it was a mistake.

KFC and Burger King Fries

In terms of french fries, there are few places that you can really say get it wrong. For the life of me, I will never understand why KFC got rid of the potato wedges to just have fries like everyone else. They had something great which set them apart and then they took it away for sub-par fries.

Then you have Burger King. I don't even know what to say about BK's fries. They're simply WOATed. Just soggy cardboard. Legitimate trash.

Check out the entire show for much more fast food talk wherever you get your podcasts and then check out the YouTube premieres on Tuesday nights.