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Adele - Yes, That Adele - Is Personally Screwing Over The Entire City Of Philadelphia

I'm sorry. I'm sure Adele's a fine person to a lot of people. She's certainly a successful musician. But for as long as she's dating sports agent/certified assclown Rich Paul - FUCK ADELE. Hey, it's her choice. If Adele continues to be voluntarily semi-associated with Ben Simmons, it is what it is. And everyone in the Delaware Valley with a soul should follow suit. 

Even worse, Adele/Rich Paul/Ben Simmons is pitting good, faithful Philadelphia folk against each other. Possibly Rich Paul's plan all along. 


We must unite the clans as one on this front until justice is served and the Sixers get adequate retribution for Ben Simmons' sins. Sam Hinkie didn't die for this shit. 

Also, Rone and myself discuss office shenanigans, Flyers "Action", and the God that is Joel Hans Embiid:

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