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Brandon Marshall Ranks The Young Quarterbacks in the NFL Who Are Taking The League By Storm

On today's Pardon My Take... BRANDON MARSHALL! The former NFL wide receiver joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss the wild NFL Divisional Round weekend, his relationship with Jay Cutler, the future of Antonio Brown, and much more. The guys also got into it on a ranking list of the young, elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Joe Burrow have all been tremendous in the early stages of their careers, but where does Brandon Marshall rank them? Let's take a look...

Mr. Cat: I assumed you watched the games yesterday, so we're taping this on Monday after an insane divisional round. Who do you think, like just watching them, Mahomes, Allen, maybe throw in Burrow in there. Rank the young quarterbacks right now in the game, because it's crazy...

Mr. Commenter: ... Jimmy G.

Mr. Cat: Jimmy G...

Brandon Marshall: You're right!

Mr. Commenter: The guy wins, he wins football games. 

Mr. Cat: But like, it's nuts to watch these guys and be like, "Hey, I think we're," it's cliche to say like, "Oh, we're in good hands," but like, "This is awesome that we're going to maybe have Mahomes versus Allen every year for the next decade."

Brandon Marshall: Yeah, you hear guys, you heard guys on Monday, you know, talking about, "Oh, this was the, you know, the Allen and Mahomes duel," that back and forth, "It was the greatest display of quarterbacking we've ever seen," right? And you're right, it's so true. If I had to rank these guys, Patrick Mahomes...

Mr. Cat:  Number one, easy. 

Brandon Marshall: Easy, it's not even a debate. Patrick Mahomes. You know, Josh Allen, even if he had won that game, it would you know, he would have started a conversation. But I mean, you got to go win a Super Bowl and you got to go do what he's done consistently year after year after year. So he's number one for me. I'm a huge Josh Allen fan. I've been saying it for two years, and you gotta think about where he comes from. The kid didn't even have a chance in college, and look who he was throwing to in the competition. For him to be able to link up with Brian Daboll and do what he's done the last two years is remarkable. I like Joe Burrow, Smokin' Joe. I mean, did we not know he was going to be great when he won the National Championship and he had a stogie in his mouth after?

Mr. Cat: Yeah, he's got like the quarterback swagger where you look at him and you're like, "OK, I think his whole team just loves him. Like, they all are just like, we're going to ride with this guy."

So, there you have it. According to Brandon Marshall, it's Mahomes-Allen-Burrow. Do you agree or disagree with him? This was an awesome interview on today's show. Be sure to take a listen.