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Danielle Kang Told Us She Knew Nothing About The Golf Course This Week.....Then Went Out And Won The Tournament

WOW. Wowowowow. How about Danielle Kang? What a beast. I mean she literally said on our podcast the Wednesday before the tournament that she knew nothing about the golf course and then she went out and won the damn thing. She's the best. Not only did she say she knew nothing about the golf course but she talked to us for an hour about utter nonsense. We talked about conspiracy theories, whether or not mermaids are real, whether or not we should be eating seafood and a laundry list of things I'm not remembering. Then she won the golf tournament! I'm speechless. She's the best. If you're not already a fan of Danielle, now is time to start.

Oh and here's the time we played Danielle in a Fore Man Scramble