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The Finale, Ft. Phil Perry: Do Your Pod Episode 20

It has obviously been a tough week to follow the Patriots. But it helped a lot to talk to NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry. Phil and Nick and I start where you'd assume we would, slipping into metaphorical hazmat suits to clean up the radioactive waste from that meltdown in Buffalo Saturday night. We discuss the cause, debate whether it was a matter of effort or scheme or simple lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball. Phil gives us his thoughts on what can be done about it. Then we take more of a big picture look on the season, on Mac Jones and what the future holds. And wrap it up with his supremely interesting take on Steve Belichick, speaking as a true insider who has been around the team for years and has a handle on how Belichick the Younger is perceived. Overall this conversation was a great way to put a ribbon on an eventful season. 

But it doesn't end there. Nick and I got a pleasantly surprising number of voicemails and we finish by responding to them all. When we started this back in September, we had no idea of what the show would be or how it would resonate with people. We just wanted to cover a season unlike any we've been through, and have a good time talking with interesting people who have a lot to say. And that was Mission: Accomplished. But hearing from so many listeners who have been on board with this little vanity project was great confirmation that they were enjoying the discussion too. 

So thanks to all gave us feedback. To the ones who took the time to call in. And everyone who have us reviews on all the platforms. We don't have an exact gameplan going forward. Other than acknowledging the No. 1 most popular sport in America is the NFL. And the No. 2 is the NFL offseason. The Patriots made themselves relevant again, and have a lot of work to do in the next few months. So at some point soon we'll do another episode and hope to hear from more listeners. Your support has been very much appreciated. Slainte'.