Ryen Russillo Breaks Down The Relationship Between Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

On today's Pardon My Take... RYEN RUSSILLO! The longtime recurring guest joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss the 2021-22 NBA Season, college football players opting out, the CFP National Championship Game, and much more. There are many storylines when it comes to the NBA, but one of the big ones, especially this season, has revolved around the Brooklyn Nets, and specifically, the relationship between Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Now that Kyrie is back on the court this season, what does it mean for their chemistry? Russillo, Mr. Cat, and Mr. Commenter broke it down on today's show: 

Mr. Cat: What is the link between Kevin Durant and Kyrie? Because on the surface, they do seem like completely opposite people in the fact that I think Kevin Durant is the number one guy who loves basketball. Anything he ever says, you know, he wants to play all the time, he is truly in love with basketball. Even when he's critiquing 14 year olds on Instagram, calling their moves trash, like that's come from a place of love, you know what I mean? He actually loves the game to a level I think a lot of guys don't. Kyrie, maybe not. Like, he doesn't... he's OK not playing. So how do those two guys like just on a relationship level fit?

Ryen Russillo: It's such a good question, dude, I'm serious, I think about this. Don't you love when guys in interviews don't really have an answer and they stall and it's a good question?

Mr. Commenter: But they're not stalling, they're always actually genuinely complimentary questions. It might not happen to you that much, but for us, experienced interviewers...

Mr. Cat: But it is, it's fascinating. I don't know why it took me this long just to think about it. It was you explaining Kyrie like not playing a lot of full seasons...

Ryen Russillo: It just doesn't make any sense. That's why it's so interesting, because you're right, KD is all about hoops, hoop all the time. And by the way, we should do something. We should all send basketball clips, DM Kevin Durant right now. Let's make this a thing from now on. If you're just taking jumpers, you're trying to get wet out back, you know, send that, DM that video to Kevin Durant and let him know that you love hoops, too.

Mr. Cat: That's how I initially started talking to him.

Ryen Russillo: Oh, look at this guy!

Mr. Cat: No, I did an Instagram video of a pick up hoops game that I was playing in, and he, out of the clouds, responded in DM's saying, "Get this trash off my court." So, yeah, he loves hoops.

Kevin Durant: HOOPS LIFER. Kyrie Irving? Maybe not as much. Does this officially start the movement of every AWL sending in their basketball tapes to KD and getting roasted by him? Perhaps.