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Next Man Up ft. Nick 'Fitzy' Stevens: Do Your Pod Episode 18

The Patriots are back in the playoffs and there's nobody I'd rather have on the podcast to talk about it than Nick Stevens, otherwise known as the one they call Fitzy. In addition to his work for the Patriots in-house media outlets, his appearances on a half a million NFL Films shows, his job at WEEI, his standup, his "Shit Pats Fans Say" videos and his gig hosting the Patriots Super Bowl LIII send off rally in front of 35,000 people, he's one of my best friends. But that's not why he's here. He's on so that we can talk about Antonio Brown. The legend and legacy of John Madden. About how he and I are still children of the Brady-Belichick divorce, Mac Jones instant success has us both getting over it, and how the Pats winning is proof that maybe it was best for all involved. As well as the general lack of controversy surrounding this team really all throughout 2021. Surprisingly, we manage to get through a good 40 minute conversation with only two Batman references, which is our personal best by at least half. Anyway it was a great time talking to him about at team experiencing probably the best case scenario two South Shore humps/drinking buddies with bizarre fixations on this franchise could've hoped for at this time last year. Followed, as always, but listener voicemails. Enjoy.