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One Good Reason To Hate Betty White ...

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2021 snatched football icon John Madden, and with hours left in the calendar year it claimed America's 99 year old sweetheart, Betty White. When these legends passed we learned - 

1. No one hates Betty White. 

2. THE ONE PERSON who hates John Madden is an internet crazy person.


The only way you can hate Betty White is with a Dr. Andrew McGregor type take BUT …  stay with me … 

If you hate the Yankees, you have a reason to hate Betty White. 

Betty Marion White (BMW) was born in 1922 and was alive for all 27 New York World Series Championships starting in 1923. It seems the Yankees lost the source of their evil empire powers a decade ago, but could Betty have been their secret weapon?

Okay, so maybe there isn't a good reason to hate Betty White or John Madden. Unless one of these two icons did something personal to you like come into your home and shit in your breakfast, there is no reason to hate. 

There are however a million reasons to celebrate both of these beloved figures of American pop culture which are discussed in depth on the NEW episode of Twisted History.

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