Jimmy Graham's Dunk On A Goalpost Changed The Way Football Players Celebrated Touchdowns

On today's Pardon My Take... JIMMY GRAHAM! The tight end joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his awesome football career, what it's like to be a Chicago Bear right now, his foundation, being a pilot, and much more. When Graham was in his prime catching touchdowns from Drew Brees on the Saints, his signature celebration would be dunking on the goalpost after scoring six points. That was, until he broke one in Atlanta...

The NFL would then crack down on that celebration, and Graham would eventually get fined for repeating that action. Did he ever apologize to Falcons owner Arthur Blank? Let's get the details from today's show:

Mr. Commenter: So, people forget that you're the reason why you're not allowed to dunk a football over the crossbar in the NFL. You broke the upright, I think that was in Atlanta back in 2013. You just dunked on everybody and you ruined Arthur Smith's (meant to say Blank) goalpost. Did you ever apologize to him?

Jimmy Graham: Nah, you know, I think if I look back at all my times in that old stadium, I always said that I owned a little bit of real estate in there. You know, I scored a bunch on them. I won a lot of games in there. And, you know, it was always just a crazy rivalry. But no, I'll do it again. I remember, you know, Mark Ingram jumping on my back and as I'm punching the goalpost, you know, I mean, it was a big statement. You know, we were always battling with Matt and that team, you know, to try to win the NFC South. You know, it was high-scoring games, whoever had the ball at the end would always win. So no, I'll never apologize. What I'm mad about is the $32,000 I got fined in preseason for dunking the next year. 

Mr. Cat: Oh, ok. That's fair to be upset about that. 

Jimmy Graham. New Orleans Saints legend. Miami Hurricanes legend. His dunks on the goalposts were awesome, and the banning of them is part of the reason why people may call the NFL the No Fun League. Not me, but some people. A great interview on today's show, be sure to take a listen.