I Have No Idea How Anyone Thought Y2K Was Going to Be a Big Deal

On this week's episode of Macrodosing, we made some predictions for the future and talked about different futuristic notions throughout history.

One thing I wanted some clarification on from my older co-hosts was Y2K. I had just recently stopped shitting in my pants at the time, so I wanted to hear what exactly the problem was from people who were aware of what was going on back then. I understood the basic premise, but I still don't really get why everyone was freaking out.

Even if the computers thought it was 1900, what's the big deal? It's not like a plane would spontaneously drop out of the sky because the computer system thought it was 1900 instead of 2000 — unless it was sentient enough to know planes hadn't been invented yet, which is a much larger problem to begin with. The biggest actual issue I found was some babies being registered as 100 years old and a guy getting charged $91,000 for renting The General's Daughter. I imagine both of those were resolved rather quickly.

On the whole, Y2K turned out to be possibly the biggest nothing burger in history. Just a bunch of freak out for some Blockbuster system errors.

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