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The Drive to the 405: Pardon My Take Super Bowl Road Trip Pick'em Contest Week 17 Recap

It all comes down to this. 17 weeks down, 1 week to go. Every pick since September has gotten us to this point, and at this time next week, two people's fates will be sealed in the "Drive to the 405" competition. If you are new here, these are the rules for the competition:

- Big Cat, PFT, Hank, Liam, Jake, and Billy will make four picks each week (favorite, underdog, over, and under)

- The second place and last place competitor will have to DRIVE from New York City to Los Angeles ahead of Super Bowl week

Things are very, very tight at the top of the leaderboard. PFT and Hank are dead even for first and second place. And the crazy part about this competition? Aside from bragging rights, first place is as good as third, fourth, and fifth place. Big Cat and I are still mathematically alive for the second place penalty if we can run the table and either PFT or Hank go 0-4, but that is unlikely. Possible, but unlikely. 


As for the last place penalty, Billy had himself a VERY necessary 3-1 week. It looked like last place was all but his, but he only trails Liam by two games entering Week 18. Big Cat has a huge game tonight (PIT +3.5) that will determine whether or not he is tied with Liam for fifth place or three games ahead of Billy with four to go. I am also mathematically alive for last place if I go 0-4 and Billy goes 4-0.

Who will survive and who will drive? It's time for the 18th and final week of this competition. Stay tuned...