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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: NFL Week 16, Fastest 2 Minutes, Bills Big Win, Chiefs Keep Rolling & The Giants Are Torturing Their Fans

Week 16 Fastest 2 Minutes. We then recap every game from Saturday and Sunday(00:02:13-00:08:39) WFT/Dallas(00:08:39-00:16:46). Packers/Browns(00:16:46-00:27:34). Colts/Cardinals(00:27:34-00:36:48). Bills/Patriots(00:36:48-00:49:23). Rams/Vikings(00:49:23-00:56:49). Bengals/Ravens(00:56:49-01:10:58) Eagles/Giants(01:10:58-01:21:29). Texans/Chargers(01:21:29-01:26:15). Bucs/Panthers(01:26:15-01:36:13). Jets/Jaguars(01:36:13-01:45:36). Falcons/Lions(01:45:36-01:51:18). Bears/Seahawks(01:51:18-01:58:12). Raiders/Broncos(01:58:12-02:01:54). Chiefs/Steelers(02:01:54-02:09:55). Football guy of the week and Who's back of the week finishes up the show(02:09:55-02:24:51).