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The Legend of 'Zo' ft. Scott Zolak: Do Your Pod Episode 16

Try to imagine a better guest to have on in the days after a tough loss to the Colts and just before Christmas than Patriots radio analyst Scott Zolak. Forget it. You can't. 

Predictably, Zo was great. After we establish we are, in fact, on a First Syllable basis, we have a discussion about how I remember him getting drafted by the Dick McPherson Patriots out of Maryland, what that was like for him and how he transitioned into radio toward the end of his playing days - and he briefly calls his radio partner Mark Bertrand, who happens to be a neighbor of mine - we break down the breakdowns from the game at Indy. Then Zo gives us his insider's insight into  Mac Jones, Belichick, Brady's recent meltdown in Tampa and the dual threat coaching challenges posed by Frank Reich's real estate in Belichick's head and Sean McDermott's hardo act. Come for the video of Zolak throwing passes to a 17-year-old Nick Fasoli in a lobster restaurant parking lot, stay for his preview of the Bills game. Then stick around for listener voicemails. 

We'll be back after Christmas, and you can leave your voicemail at 929-273-0520. On behalf of Nick and myself, thanks for supporting our little vanity project.