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Julian Edelman Attempts to Decipher What Went Behind Bill Belichick's Apology to the Media

On today's Pardon My Take... JULIAN EDELMAN! The former Patriot once again joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter in studio to talk Tuesday Night Football, the NFL playoff picture, catching punts, and much more. Edelman obviously played under head coach Bill Belichick, and the future Hall of Fame coach recently apologized to the media for his words, or lack thereof, after New England lost to Indianapolis last week. Was there a specific reason for this? Edelman knows Coach Belichick more than us, so he gave his insight on today's show:

Mr. Commenter: When Belichick came out and said, "I'd like to apologize to the media for being so short with you," what kind of mind games is he playing?

Julian Edelman: I don't know, but that's why he's a Jedi. Or, he's Sith.

Mr. Commenter: He's up to something. I don't know what it is, but Bill Belichick coming out and being like, "Hey, sorry, sorry that I wasn't overtly friendly with you guys, that's on me, I love you all." What's going on here?


Julian Edelman: You know what? I guess, you know, my dad told me, people soften up a little bit when you get older, you get a little more wisdom. You start, you know, you start being a nicer guy. Maybe that's happening. And what is he, 70 now?

Mr. Cat: He's getting soft?

Julian Edelman: I'm not saying he's getting soft. 

Mr. Cat: No, that's bulletin board material for him.

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, actually, this is what he wants. This is exactly what he wants, he wants people to be like, "Belichick's getting soft," so he can come out and just mother fuck anybody. You told me on Sunday, like this loss might have been good for Mac Jones because now he gets a good Bill "mother fucking." 

Julian Edelman: You need to. Get a couple of weeks to get a little, bad taste in your system. And then, you know, that's like, now it's playoffs. Now you like simulate in playoffs, each week's a playoff game. You need to have that, you need to feel a little tension, you need to feel a little uncomfortable. And the best teams I was on, they were comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Mr. Cat: Put that on a quote board. You told us, too, that Belichick, the first thing he does every single morning is listen to Pardon My Take, right?

Julian Edelman: I think so, him and Berj [Najarian, Belichick's right-hand man. You guys ever heard of Berj?

Mr. Commenter: Oh yeah, we've heard the legend. 

Julian Edelman: Yeah, he's a legend. I think they probably go through that with their morning.

So, was Coach Belichick's apology to the Big J's part of a larger plan? Does he truly feel sorry? We may never get the answer. But it was nice to see him give the respect that the journalists deserve.