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The Woods Dynasty Is Here To Stay

Charlie Woods has arrived. Yeah he played in the PNC last year with his dad, professional golfer Tiger Woods, but this year just felt different. I don't know if it was because of what Tiger has gone through in the past 10 months or that Charlie is a year older now or what but it just felt different. And Charlie delivered. He was awesome. Charlie's game looked so good out there that it's time to start really believing in a Woods dynasty in the world of golf. Very exciting. If Charlie decides he wants to do something else in a year, great. If he decides he wants to keep golfing in the family and tries to carry the torch, great. Whatever happens happens but this weekend was AWESOME for young Charlie. Oh and then on top of tall that, Tiger Woods looked pretty damn good. His swing looked great. He looked happy. He needed a cart but that's fine. It's a goddamn miracle he's even out there playing golf after that crash in February. He's lucky to still have his right leg. He's lucky to be alive. We're all lucky we still get to see the GOAT play golf. Good vibes only headed into 2022 for the Woods family and golf fans alike.